Techniques For Sentence Paraphrasing

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Learn Effective Methods of Paraphrasing a Sentence

Paraphrasing is among the essential skills that you need to attain success in academic writing. However, people commonly misunderstand it. In simple terms, paraphrasing is the expression of another person’s ideas or opinions in your own unique words. Though technically correct, students can easily misconstrue it to mean that the process involves replacing the original words with synonyms. Paraphrasing is highly effective when viewed as a means of elucidating another person’s ideas within the context of your perspective.

Substituting the original text with synonyms might not comprehensively explain the information in the source. You should always demonstrate how the information helps convey the essay’s core message or emphasize its importance. To achieve all these objectives, a proper paraphrase must also alter the author’s original sentence structure.

How Can I Effectively Paraphrase a Sentence?

Effective paraphrasing requires some insight and a good understanding of the main message in the source. It is among the fundamental ways students or professionals can demonstrate their mastery of the content and apt writing skills. There are three critical things to consider while paraphrasing content, and they are highlighted below:

  1. You must signal that the cited idea was derived from a given source. You can either signal from within a sentence (using a statement like, “they say/so and so says”), or via an in-text citation.
  2. You can also pick from the source quotation to expound on the critical idea brought out in the source content.
  3. Separate a long sentence into shorter phrases, or combine short phrases into a single sentence.

Note that paraphrasing is not just about words, but ideas. Instead of focusing on replacing individual words within a quote, you would benefit from closely evaluating the author’s original message. Upon understanding these ideas, you can then pick and elucidate the critical idea/s along the way. That way, you are sure of paraphrasing the content in question appropriately.

Steps to Follow While Writing a Good Sentence Paraphrase

The initial step is to go through a paragraph or phrase you find intriguing, or the one you are currently using to compose your essay. Second, write down some personal notes about the primary idea/ideas discussed within the passage. You can make them into points form for simplicity. Lastly, place the article aside then use your highlighted points to expound on the central idea/s to your audience.

Closing Remarks on Sentence Paraphrasing

Remember that whenever you paraphrase the text, it is critical to alter both the sentence structure and the wording from the source text. Therefore, avoid using speech marks while still including citation data to direct your audience to the source. By following all the above steps, you will become an expert at paraphrasing.

When writing, you may have to borrow ideas from other sources. How you incorporate the information in your piece determines if you submit a qualitative paper or not. You should learn basic paraphrasing rules if you want to succeed. Everything begins with your sentence paraphrasing capabilities.

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