The section of thanks aims to thank the people who helped and supported you during the writing of the three-year or master degree thesis.

They represent a very important part of the structure of the thesis, but students often do not have a clear idea of their real function or how to write them correctly.

Here are some tips for you that will guide you in writing thanks.

What are the theses thanks for?

There are various reasons that lead to creating a separate section for thesis thanks. For example, the period of the writing of the paper was particularly exhausting or lasted for some time, as in the case of the writing of a three-year or master degree thesis.

During those months, it is likely that many people have helped and supported you during your research. For this reason it would be nice to thank all the people who have been close to you or have been involved in this process.

In theses thanks, speakers, other students, colleagues, managers and, of course, friends and family are often mentioned.

How to structure tense thanks

The thanks of the thesis are perhaps the most personal section of your work. In these lines you will have the possibility to write in a free way, without precise data or rules to respect, you can choose the words and contents you prefer.

Although you can customize this text to your liking, here are some tips to structure your thanks in a clear and complete way:

Start with a brief general introduction, in which you thank all those who have contributed, in every way, to the realization of your work.

Continue by citing the professional figures who have guided you in the drafting of your degree thesis (speaker, co-speaker if present, tutor).

Then thank the most intimate people who have been close to you in this particular moment of your training. You choose who to include in this section, you will certainly have no doubts about it!

Dedication of thesis

Many students choose to thank a special person, inserting a dedication aimed at parents, the speaker or a classmate. Although it fulfills a function similar to that of thanksgiving, a dedication manifests a more intimate and personal message, a particular gratitude towards someone who has played an important role in this drafting process.

The obligatory acknowledgments are not included among the obligatory elements, but can be very useful if one wishes to express gratitude for a particularly significant help received.

Example: Dedication thesis

A special dedication to my grandfather, the first teacher of my life and a model of extraordinary behavior. Thank you for giving me the love of knowledge.

Where do you insert the theses thanks?

The position of thanks is quite discretionary. In many papers, they are included directly in the preface or, from time to time, in a separate chapter; in most cases they are inserted at the end of the thesis, on the last page, immediately after the bibliography.

If instead it is a dedication, it must be inserted on the very first page of the paper, it will be the first thing that those who read your thesis will see.

Example of thesis thanks

We have written an example of the thesis thanks section, so you can have a better idea of how it is structured.

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