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5 Incredible Platforms to Earn Through Online Writing

Have you ever considered getting paid for writing articles online? The thought of creating online content and earning from it is gratifying. Not only does it give you the freedom to work at your own pace, but you can also enjoy a steady source of income. Creating quality stuff is a battle half won. To make a breakthrough, you need to identify credible sites than can pay for it. You can opt to work with websites or clients that embrace your writing niche and style. Steadily, you can then set your price as the demand and experience grows. Remember that journalism is not cut for everybody. Thus, do not stress over if the results are not satisfying. However, if writing gives you a thrill, here are five excellent sites to make money while at it.


Fiverr is an incredible platform to make money by creating gigs. It offers various opportunities, from blog posts, short articles to graphic design. Despite scores of people offering their services here, the demand is still high. Most of them do not provide satisfying content. If your articles surpass them in quality, you stand a better chance of making more money. Fiverr has a massive following, which is a plus in marketing your services. From a starting rate of $5 per article, you customize your rates as you progress. Keywords sequence and word count guides on the payments. A request for added words and keywords calls for additional charges. Completion of assignments under strict deadlines qualifies for added payments too.


This freelancer platform allows one to pitch for clients. Article writing is one of the popular services offered here. It comes as an advantage to writers as they are bountiful tasks leads. Upwork is among the sites that pay very fast. Here, clients pay a deposit even before you start writing. You then receive your payment once your satisfactory work gets approved.

Writer’s Weekly

This online journal is periodically dispersed to paying subscribers. For fresh content, the site pays for attention-grabbing articles. To make a presence, you need to comprehend the pitching guidelines set. You can then choose a helpful topic for the readers in various ways. Writers Weekly compensate up to $60 for 600-word count articles. If you meet their standards, this is a quick way to earn some good money.


Airtasker is a reliable site that links clients with qualified service providers. Their wide range of tasks ranges from data entry, writing to furniture assembling. After successful job completion, reimbursement is then transferred to your bank account. The platform is only open in Australia, the UK, and the United States.

Submit Guest Posts to other Blogs

As you progress in the industry, you may come upon other blogs that pay for your contribution. If you share a similar niche, some can pay up to $200 per article. The exposure empowers you in your journey as a freelance writer. The blogs have unique guidelines for guest writers. Some need you to pitch your idea first. Others prefer a complete article submitting for deliberation.

All in all, remember that even if shorter articles take less time, longer ones will earn you more.

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